What to Bring:
- Bible and pen.
- One or more masks.  (See COVID procedures below).  
- Refillable water bottle. 
- Your own camping chair in good condition-- this will be your chair for the weekend.  
- Sleeping bag or bedding. 
- Swimsuit & towel (life jackets are provided).  
- Toiletries & towel for showering.  
- Clothing for a variety of weather.  Suggest at least 1 pair of long pants and a sweatshirt for bugs and cooler nights.   
- Tennis shoes for running games and sandals/ flip flops.  

Optional:  Snacks.  Games.

- You may bring a few extra beverages.  We have limited space, so keep that in mind.

COVID Details: We ask each student to assess if they have COVID symptoms and take their temperature on Friday before leaving & let a leader know immediately if they are not feeling well at any point in the weekend. We will be taking temperatures of all students and adults daily. We will also need to wear masks in the retreat center building (exceptions:  while eating & drinking and in sleeping spaces).  Students & adults will respect the boundaries and comfort level of others with physical distancing.  Inquire w/ us with further questions.  

Looking forward to a great weekend!
Fri, Sept 18 -- Sun, Sept 20 at CAMP JIM in Pillager, MN

Cost: $95 for students and $50 for adult leaders + $$ for fast food on the way home.
(Some may still have a credit from District Blitz--contact us to use it.  You can pay via PayPal here, or by cash/check at the office).

If you haven't paid in full yet, you can bring the remainder on Friday (cash or check payable to Living Hope).